International Leadership Summit

Valiant Leadership
in volatile times.

“When you operate independently in the midst of your team, it stunts their growth as well as your own. You don’t want to lead a task, run a business, direct a philanthropy, or guide a church if your stakeholders assume you don’t need their help. If you want to lead by your instincts, then you must create a vision large enough that you cannot achieve it alone. … Start pushing something that you can’t carry and watch how people will come to your aid. But pick up a box you can manage, and people will simply watch you carry the load.” – T. D. Jakes

With a wealth of experience across many platforms – from ministry to philanthropy, business enterprises to bestselling books – Bishop T.D. Jakes knows how to navigate the pressures and expectations of life and leadership, in business and ministry.

This year’s International Leadership Summit, a standard-bearer for ecclesial learning and professional development, provides a vast pool of resources from many great speakers, who are ready to share with the next generation of future-builders.


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Orange County Convention Center


Last year, our 2022 International Leadership Summit (ILS) laid out the blueprint to become a Master Builder.
This year, we go deeper — strengthening your leadership arsenal so you can make a change and find success in today’s volatile times.

Join us at the Orange County Convention Center in sunny Orlando, FL, for the 2023 ILS and walk boldly into your purpose.


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Access to all main stage and breakout sessions




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