Tina Naidoo, executive director of the Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I.), has
developed a clinically informed, 12-month reentry program under the guidance of T.D. Jakes.
The program has successfully served more than 42,000 returning citizens across Texas and has
achieved a low recidivism rate of 16% as compared to the national average of more than 65%.
T.O.R.I.’s cost-effective approach has been acknowledged with Second Chance Act grants and
partnerships with entities such as the City of Dallas and the Office of the Texas State Governor.

Naidoo’s work has also influenced international criminal justice reform, leading to the passage
of the Federal Framework for Recidivism Reduction Act in Canada in 2022. Today, she continues
to advocate for a reformed criminal justice system, empowering individuals to transform their


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