Jaylen D. Bledsoe is chairman of Bledsoe Collective Inc. and managing director of Flare Partners, a consulting and advisory firm for Fortune 1000 companies. At age 12, Bledsoe formed the first iteration of Flare Partners as a web development agency, then Bledsoe Technologies, which by 15 years old he grew to generate $3.5 million per year. Flare Partners has led strategic growth and transformation engagements with clients such as AT&T, Ford Motor Co., and NBC Universal, impacting incremental revenue growth by $4 billion and discovering over $2 billion in operational efficiencies.

Bledsoe has served as the lead consultant or a featured keynote for events hosted by companies and institutions including the White House (Barack Obama), Stanford University, MIT, Google, and more. He recently joined the Board of Trustees for the Wyman Center, empowering teens from economically disadvantaged communities nationwide.